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Since 1998, UK creative media agency redjelly, has worked internationally, creating beautiful work for both private and publicly funded companies. We specialised in creating corporate identities, promotional print publications and business strengthening websites.
Our commitment now focuses on the Internet of Things (IOT), using our skills in design, and our experience in the controls industry to help make a connected world.

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Our logo - how we got here!

redjelly has been going since around 1996, only yesterday did I find the printed 'proof' of our first commercial website which was dated 1997. In the first few years, we did play around with the name, this was because we wanted to make sure it was catchy and unforgettable. Having settled on…

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Rice design

I have spent the afternoon happily working away on some really nice graphic designs for a friend who is building up a exclusive world rice boutique and distribution network. The basic website has only been up a week and we are already getting some inquiries from around the world, which is a bit of…

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Rabbit out of the hat?

Its interesting the type of conversations you can get into when you not really thinking about your core business and relaxing in an unconnected environment. Here I was standing in a local Junk Shop looking over the ‘Antiques’ and other items and struck up a conversation with the owner about placing som…

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