Great Looking Charting in Tridium N4

Data Centre Dashboard Layouts

We (Onesight Solutions limited) have recently finished a small project to build a nice charting library into Niagara N4. Although N4 has some nice graphics and Dashboarding functionality, our new charts and gauges give you the extra ability to make great HTML Dashboards.
Engineering Layouts
Even plant dashboards can be built in very little time. Provided you have the data, informative and engaging information can be displayed to both engineering users and management, alike.

University Campus Layouts
After designing a number of simple layouts to show off the chart types, I thought that I would consider a Campus type layout. To see how I could use the new modules in a Student Dashboard. This was to introduce colour, structure and building data to inform students how each part of the campus was performing.

Taking a few elements, I came up with this layout. I still have additional work to finish the design, but you can see how N4 is becoming a useful tool. Not quite web design, but it is now a lot easier to build great looking graphics.

If creating Graphics for N4 is something you are interested in, then get in touch with Onesight Solutions.